Business of the Week

BY RODNEY BROWN Southwest Tribune Newspaper, a subsidiary company of Brown Publishing LLC. Our purpose is to rekindle responsible journalism and restore trust, integrity, and accountability, to news reporting. Southwest Tribune is not your traditional newspaper and instead, defines itself and operates, as a multi-media outlet. Brown Publishing LLC, launched in 2014, with is ground-breaking book, ‘Silent Leader, The Biography of Dr. Freddie L. Thomas (, before expanding its services to include the newspaper, Southwest Tribune. Our newspaper will seek to provide ‘only’ positive’ stories, of people, events and informative ‘Fact Based News.’ Southwest Tribune provides, a state-of-the-art website that features unedited video footage, of policy makers in our city and county government and educational institutions, as well as community advocates, stakeholders and profiles, of common people doing amazing things in the community. These live video shoots will also be aired, simultaneously on our social media pages including live on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, our website’s live capability will allow us to bring current and potential clients directly, to ‘our’ viewers and subscribers, where clients will be able to interact and advertise, personally. Also, in late September, our partnership with RCTV will allow us to produce, a one-hour live television news show, in conjunction with a live one-hour radio feed. The several mediums Southwest Tribune provides, is to ensure our informative ‘Fact Based News” are reaching multitudes of people, and our clients are receiving maximum exposure. It’s also why, we defined ourselves, as a multi-media outlet. Southwest Tribune’s mission seeks to present, a balance view of relevant issues, to build bridges among diverse populations. Our state-of-the-art website allows maximum exposure to a local, regional, national and international audience. However, our primary focus will be to serve residents and clients of the southwest and Greater Rochester area.
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