Mayor Warren Profiled in Governing Magazine as Member of Women in Government Leadership Class


Mayor Lovely A. Warren is one of 25 elected women leaders from across the country to be profiled in the March issue of Governing magazine as a member of the Women in Government Leadership Class of 2019, a group of outstanding, courageous trail blazers who are making a difference in the communities they serve.

“I am honored and humbled to be included among this national network of distinguished women who are willing to lift as they climb by joining forces to create opportunities for future generations of young women,” said Mayor Warren. “I am also proud to bring the city of Susan B. Anthony to the conversation about how to expand the ranks of women in elected office. Our children are looking to us to build a better world for them, one with ample and equal access to jobs, safer and more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational opportunities.”

“We are gaining momentum with hundreds of women candidates on state and local ballots, including many of our Women in Government alumnae and candidates they personally recruited,” said Cathilea Robinett, president of Governing. “However, moving from 23 percent of women in elected office to gender parity will take a long-term investment including the program we have created at Governing. These incredible women are ‘In the Arena,’ as President Roosevelt would say. Congratulations to the 25 women selected for the Class of 2019.”

Each year, Governing Institute’s Women in Government Leadership Program invites elected women leaders from across the nation to be featured in Governing magazine, attend leadership programs to learn job-critical skills and pay it forward by mentoring the next generation of women leaders. The 100 alumnae of the program are actively recruiting women candidates to run for office and creating initiatives to empower potential officeholders and women already serving in government.

The honorees were selected by the Governing Institute based on career and educational accomplishments, personal recommendations, a commitment to actively participate and diversity in class membership.

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