Morelle has called on Dinolfo to keep Her Promise


Monroe County Legislator Joe Morelle, Jr. has called on County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo to keep her promise to raise preschool special education reimbursement rates in a letter sent today.

Legislator Morelle is circulating the letter to colleagues to gain support for this measure.

“I am calling on the County Executive to fulfill the promise to raise reimbursements across the board for preschool special education services,” stated Joe Morelle, Jr. (D – Irondequoit).
“The parents and the providers have asked, and need, Monroe County to do its part to alleviate this crisis. We are ready and willing to provide additional funding to ensure that we can fund these reimbursement rates. We ask that the majority caucus stand with us in a true bipartisan manner to support fully funding and ask the President to make the correction as a matter of urgency. This is not the time for politics, it is a time to put children first.”
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