More New Things Happening Around Southwest Tribune: ‘Rap with Nat’


Southwest Tribune’s mission is to ensure our city and communities are well-informed with resourceful news to fully participate in decisions that ultimately affects the health and vibrancy of the city and our communities.

However, what comes along with the territory to having healthy and vibrant communities, is a proficient EDUCATION system, reinforced by well-informed parents and their communities.

Therefore, it was a no-brainer to bring Rochester City School District Commissioner Natalie Sheppard aboard. And honor her commitment to our youth with a section in our Newspaper and Website that’s geared to keep the public informed on everything happening around one of the city’s most important institution.

After each article.

Commissioner Sheppard will be featured on Southwest Tribune’s Facebook Live via Southwest Tribune’s Facebook Page to discuss her recent submission.

Stay tuned for dates and times of those live discussions.

We love having her aboard. And strongly believes this will be very beneficial for the growth of our communities as a UNITED city.

A recent profile of Commissioner Sheppard visit:

An update from Commissioner Sheppard:

‘Rap with Nat’

Welcome to Rap with Nat.

My name is Natalie Sheppard and I am a Commissioner of Schools on the Board of Education for the Rochester City School District.

The purpose of ‘Rap with Nat’ is to share information on different things happening within the RCSD and community. This will serve as a vessel for informational intersections. In other words, I will touch on topics that aren’t normally thought of to be within a School Board member’s specific scope of work.

However, things like politics, education, human services, crime, sports, and other topics impact the lives of individuals within our community so it is important for continued discussion.

I am aiming to do my part in bridging the communication gap that sometimes exist between elected officials and the communities they serve. With that being said, the main topic of this discussion is BACK TO SCHOOL.

As we start a new year of academics, sports, extracurricular activities, and school events I want to encourage the students and their families to do the following:

1. Say hello and introduce yourself to a student, faculty, or staff member that you may not know

2. Get involved in all your school has to offer (school events, sports, extracurricular activities, etc.)

3. Remember to keep your school environment and neighborhood free of litter

4. Have fun while learning all you can

For community neighbors:

1. Get to know the schools in your neighborhood and how you may be of assistance

2. Be mindful of more busses during high traffic time frames

3. Spread positive energy throughout your area

Now that our students are gearing up to return to school, let’s do our best to make the ’18-’19 school year the best one yet.

Progress forward is progress in the right direction!

-Commissioner Natalie Sheppard
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