Not Just About Business: Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce


The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce has been in existence for over 130 years representing businesses across nine-county regions, including Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates counties.

When Robert Duffy, Rochester’s former Police Chief (1998-2005), Mayor (2006-2010) and Lieutenant Governor of the state of New York (2011-2014) became the Chamber’s Executive Officer in 2015, the Chamber’s passion to serve, promote and advocate for its members to secure economic prosperity remained their mission. But in addition, their focus has intensified in finding and providing services for individuals living in the inner-city and regions that comprises the Greater Rochester Region.

“Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is a one-stop source for all businesses,” Duffy said. “In the process, we’re working with community groups that includes Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative(RMAPI) and Rochester City School District (RCSD) to provide services like job training and jobs for hard to place unemployed individuals and school kids, who are at the precipice of graduating.”

“I’m not a social scientist, but I believe a stringent focus on workforce and workforce development and education is requisite, if we want to significantly move the poverty needle,” Duffy continued. “For all the wealth and talent, we have in this community, we shouldn’t have the poverty we have. We have to expedite these efforts.”

The Chamber also continues to be a prominent advocate for finding better solutions to improve the healthcare of residents, by offering up-to-date information during regularly scheduled workshops and seminars on issues like health insurance, high blood pressure, and dieting.

“Health insurance and care is expensive, and we look for ways to make it manageable,” Duffy said. “Danny Wegman, who sits on our board has been leading the drive regarding this challenging concern among residents.”

However, despite the ‘elephant in the room’ issues that continues to blight the positive forward movement currently happening throughout the Greater Rochester Regions, Duffy said the city is in a great place.

“Mayor Warren has done a great job in her first term and she has continued to provide a vision for the city that welcomes new businesses, which gradually stems positive job growth and lowers unemployment,” said Duffy. “One victory at a time helps the city move forward.”

To learn more about the Greater Rochester Chamber at 150 State Street, Suite 400, visit: or call 585.244.1800
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