Busing: Hurting Our Schools in Rochester


One of the problems that is hurting our schools in Rochester stems from students not attending their neighborhood schools.

This results from the States busing reimbursement formula which only applies to students transported 1.5 miles or more to reach the school chosen by their parents.

Most parents want their children bused for safety reasons and consequently pick a school which is over 1.5 miles away. Unfortunately when there are school functions most of those parents can not find transportation to the distant school unless they have a car available.

This prevents their participation in their child's school. Local enrollment in our neighborhood schools is usually less than 20%. Close to 80% of students get bused. Studies have shown that eliminating the 1.5 mile requirement would actually reduce busing costs in Rochester.

We have started an online petition asking for local busing reimbursement. Please post this petition so we can convince Albany to change its regulations:


Thank you for your help,

John Boutet
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