Chair of MCDC Discusses Past, Present and Future, of the local Democratic Party



Depending on whom you ask, the backbiting among some members of the local Democratic Party either began decades ago or with the 2012 victory of Mayor Lovely Warren.

Sitting outside Spot Coffee on an overcast day, Monroe County Democratic Committee’s chair Jamie Romeo took a moment to discuss, the past, present and future of the party, voters, and politics today.

“One thing is clear,” Romeo suggest. “During my tenure as chair, I will continue to reach out to find common ground among local democrats. And continue to bring the party together on important issues.”

However, in the coming year alone there are many issues, not just local legislators should be paying attention to.

As an example, she points to this year’s ballot featuring the state’s constitution with an option for the possibility of redistricting, which could change how districts are split up locally.

The referendum outlining the state’s constitution convention is to implement New Yorker’s inalienable rights to alter their constitution in cases, where the interests of the legislature and people conflict.

New York’s Constitution allows the people to exercise this right once every twenty years. And through the state’s ballot on Nov. 7, the convention’s agenda will once again be placed in the hands of people independently of the legislature.

According to an article written on July 7, 2017 by Lisa W. Foderaro of The New York Times titled (A Constitutional Convention For New York? This may Be the Year), the pros and cons of the referendum could enact major changes towards the interest and contracts of nonprofit groups, teachers, and state legislators.

“Nonprofit groups interested in issues including campaign finance reform, redistricting, term limits and the legalization of marijuana have come in favor of a convention,” Foderaro reported. “And at the same time, unions like the united federation of teachers and state legislator leaders have argued against a convention saying it would repeal hallowed protections.”

Romeo adds, the convention could have far-reaching effects and the local redistricting could change, who is elected and the political make-up of the legislature

Overall, during the conversation she continued to refer to the power of voters to create the party, they want to see and ultimately the world, they want to see
“Whether, they’re a Democrat or a Republican, Independents or voters of the Working Families Party, the more people voting…it creates a public pressure… it creates accountability,” she said.

2017 local democratic candidates, county and citywide, designated by Monroe County Democratic Committee includes:


County Sheriff- Todd Baxter

Monroe County Legislator, District 10- Howard Maffucci


Mayor-Hon. Lovely Warren

City Court Justice-Hon. Chuck Crimi

City Council, At-Large- Hon. Loretta Scott

City Council, At-Large- Hon. Dana Miller

City Council, At-Large- Hon. Jackie Ortiz

City Council, At-Large- Hon. Malik Evans

City Council, At-Large- Matt Juda

RCSD Board Member- Hon. Van White

RCSD Board Member- Beatriz LeBron

RCSD Board Member- Natalie Sheppard
Contact Info: Monroe County Democratic Committee, 1150 University Avenue, Building 5, Rochester, NY 14607, or email: or call P: (585) 232-2410, F: (595) 232-1123
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