EMS Week May 20-26- A Paramedic’s Take on the Nationally Recognized Week


Cover photo: AMR Supervisor/Critical Care Paramedic Andrew Perez

Southwest Tribune: What do you want the public to know about EMS Week?

Andrew Perez:

As a paramedic, EMS Week is a time to step back and focus on what we really do for the community. And to thank the Crews, EMT(s), and Paramedic(s) for the hard work they do to increase moral in this profession.

Southwest Tribune: What is your educational background?

Andrew Perez:

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Community Health, with a concentration in Education, before pursuing Paramedicine at Monroe Community College (MCC). My educational training enables me to assist people medically, but also educate them.

I chose EMS over other professions that included standard healthcare jobs, because of the front-line aspect. We’re in intimate settings such as, the homes of patients. The profession places you in a position to help someone using a hands-on approach. And, people who are experiencing a medical crisis warrants this type of direct care.

Southwest Tribune: What would you say to the greater public about the EMS Profession?

Andrew Perez:

Most people view us in terms of just transporting someone to the hospital. The people responding to these calls are well educated in the medical field. You can feel free to ask them wide-ranging questions.

Also, we’re a huge part of the healthcare system. We can treat major medical problems. And, we do our best to conduct ourselves in a professional manner, while staying calm and collected, during someone’s medical crisis.

Southwest Tribune: What would you say to your fellow EMS providers?

Andrew Perez:

Our job is to put that best face on while in the field. And, continue to help push the profession to new heights as new technology and life-saving methods are gradually being incorporated into our training.

Southwest Tribune: EMS Week theme for 2018 is Stronger Together. What does that mean to you?

Andrew Perez:

As a provider, ‘stronger’ in this context illuminates three scenarios:

Stronger together in terms of being a part of the whole healthcare system. Stronger together as part of the community. And, stronger together by relying on each other and working as a team.

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