A Letter of Request About “Listening Post” at Wilson Magnet High School


Dear Friend: The Listening Post is a new initiative at our school this school year.

It is an opportunity for our students to sit and talk with a volunteer who cares about them. Our goal is to help them feel supported by their community. We are using a successful program from another local school district as our model, where they have seen enormous benefits both for the young people, but also for the volunteers.

We hope you want to take advantage of this opportunity to meet some great young people and help them on their path towards success. The Listening Post is a win-win. Our students will love spending a little time with you, and you will get energy and fulfillment from being around the great youth of today.

The Listening Post is a place for all ages a safe place for unhurried conversation a place where no one is judged, and everyone is accepted a place to be heard a place to talk about anything a place where friendships are made a place to sit down with a caring adult with no pressure and no expectations a place where much more than conversation grows.

We are planning The Listening Post to happen Wednesdays, beginning January 31, 2018 and continuing to April 25, 2018 during student lunch periods, between 10:45am and 1pm.

Please complete both the RCSD volunteer application and the schedule availability form. You can assess volunteer forms from the school counselor Jamie Collins.

We will then be in touch concerning the required 1-hour training session that will be held at the school in early January 2018.

The proven key to the healthy development of our youth is to increase the interaction between young people and adults in our community. Our students need healthy adult relationships. They need adults to listen to them. They need adults to have conversations about real things important to them

They need you!

We look forward to working with you on this great intergenerational opportunity.

If you have any questions, you can reach Jamie Collins at extension 4213. We can't wait to see you!


Jamie Collins, School Counselor/Restorative Coach Sharron Dow, English teacher Julie Roselli (VanDerwater)
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