Youth Ages 12-18 Invited to Submit Essay After Watching “DROP!”


View the "DROP" video on YouTube!

Hello BW4PC Networkers and 2018 Week of Non-Violence Committee,

Black Women for Positive Change and the Positive Change Foundation, in partnership with American Family Insurance Company and the Saints and Streetfighter Foundation, announce a National DROP Essay Contest!

This is an opportunity for youth to express themselves about the choice of staying in school and/or the consequences of dropping out of school---a documented pathway to prison and violence.

The Essay Contest is an official activity of the 2018 Week of Positive Change, Non Violence and Opportunities, October 13-21, 2018.

Please recruit youth ages 12-18 years to watch the film DROP: A Story of Triumph, free on YouTube at:

This film was produced by BW4PC.

After watching DROP youth are invited to express their opinions about dropping out or staying in school by submitting a 1 page essay; a 2 minute Rap Video; or a Poem.

Cash Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

Deadline is October 26, 2018. Youth can comment at a "#DROPOFOPPORTUNITY

Hey Young Folks Ages 12-18 years old! Enter the Essay Contest Today!

Essay Contest Application: at:
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