Canandaigua National Bank & Trust

BY RODNEY BROWN Southwest Tribune will like to ‘applaud’ College Town’s Canandaigua National Bank & Trust (CNB), as our ‘Business of the Week’ for outstanding community service and customer-oriented flexibility, to ensure a high threshold for approval at fair economical rates, for everyone that walks through its doors. The College Town branch, is one of the 24 offices and has been serving the financial needs of their customers in Rochester, Monroe County, New York for more 2 years. With Community Office Managers like Javier Quintana, many satisfied customers have posted reviews similar to the one below, stating: “After moving to Upstate New York, I heard about this bank everywhere, but didn’t think I’d move my accounts there because, as a small business owner, I didn’t keep the minimum balanced for fee-free banking. Only after moving my personal accounts to CNB did I discover—thanks to one of many one-on-one conversations with a banker—that the fees associated with the lower-balance business banking were low and totally worth paying in exchange for the overall customer experience. I’ve moved between cities several times and have thus worked with several banks. CNB has surprised me at every turn with their personal focus, variety of options, and willingness to provide a degree of consulting that empowers me to make better financial decisions. Did I mention their on-line banking interface is awesome? I would recommend this bank to anyone.” CNB is a community/ neighborhood fiduciary to check-out, when seeking support for your next venture. The College Town office is located in the southwest region of Rochester, at 1341 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester.
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