Southwest Tribune’s Corner for Poets: NEW JACK SLAVERY


Copy written 2017 By: Rosa M. Bailey

Slavery in a new and “Modern Way.”

Not Homicide or Suicide with the shedding of blood and resulting in physical death.

Where you take my life or I take my own.

But Educational Genocide

Through the open wounds resulting in a Zombie death.

Ceasing to exist in this World because you have created a New World.

A new World Order.

Your World.

With your own language, own rules, and own way of living.

Self-deprivation through self-indulgence because of everything you want to have.

Through everything that you have your gaze, focus and mindset on.

The emancipation is within and not without.

Educational Genocide is wiping an entire generation out.

Out of the schoolrooms and the boardrooms.

Your high tech as consumers.

But low tech as innovators.

Conversational Poetry – Just for You

Straight from the Heart: Conversational Poetry – Just for You is an eclectic on her journey to finding healing from brokenness and low self-esteem.

Each poem is designed to speak into the reader to build them up to becoming their very best. As a reader, know that these conversational poems are “Just for You.”


Rosa M. Bailey, aka CEO Boss Lady is a native of Hartford, Connecticut. She currently resides in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Her love of reading makes the library her favorite place to visit. She is a wife and the proud mother of three adult sons and four grandchildren. Ms. Bailey is the CEO of RMB Management Group, a full service training and development center for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders.
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